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Oakbank Waste Management can help your business comply with the Zero Waste Scotland regulations.


If you run a business in Scotland and you produce waste then you will need to be prepared for the shake up in the laws that govern the way in which you handle and dispose of this waste.

Scotland has made great improvements on waste in the last few years by increasing recycling rates and reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill.  You may be aware of the legislative changes introduced by the Scottish Government that require a significant alteration to the way in which all commercial waste and recyclables are disposed of, from January 2014.

Zero Waste Scotland’s mission is to achieve exactly that: a zero waste Scotland, where we make the most efficient use of resources by minimising Scotland’s demand on primary resources, and maximising the reuse, recycling and recovery of resources instead of treating them as waste.

Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan (ZWP) sets out the Scottish Government’s vision for a zero-waste society and aims to transform the way in which resources are managed:

  • Key materials need to be separated for recycling
  • Food waste must be separated by food businesses operating in non-rural areas
  • Disposing food waste into public drains or sewers will be illegal
  • Diverting food waste from landfill reduces emissions and can generate energy
  • We are paying to throw away valuable resources
  • To avoid unnecessary costs and potential fines
  • Speak to your waste contractor for advice on compliant services
  • Consider joining forces with other businesses
  • Get your staff ‘Regs Ready’

Oakbank Waste Management Ltd are here to help you comply with the Regulations.

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The first phase of Waste Regulations in Scotland will require all businesses to separate paper, card, glass, plastic, wood and metals for recycling. To be clear, whilst segregating each stream separately is preferable, the regulations will permit recyclable waste streams to be co-mingled providing the material quality is not reduced as a result. The regulations will also make it compulsory for any business creating more than 50kg of food waste per week (the equivalent of half a household wheelie bin) to separate this waste for collection.

Businesses risk substantial fines if they do not take all measures possible to recycle their waste. Furthermore, we may refuse to collect waste that has not been properly segregated, so it’s important to understand the changes that need to be implemented sooner rather than later.


Oakbank Waste Management Ltd will be able to help you meet the requirements by evaluating the types and quantity of waste you produce, and identifying practical ways to segregate it at source within the space available.

While the change is challenging, there is support available to help take those first important steps. Advice is available from Zero Waste Scotland, which has developed a free online facility to help develop a semi-bespoke waste prevention plan. For further information and to help you with your obligations please visit their website: http://www.zerowastescotland.org.uk/

Please do be mindful of the fact that the obligations of Zero Waste Scotland are only applicable to premises in Scotland and not in England. Failure to comply with the requirements of the legislation will lead to Enforcement Action being taken by the relevant Scottish Enforcement bodies.


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