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Plastic Recycling

Recycling plastic and finding a secondary use for the raw materials diverts waste away from landfill, reducing your costs and the environmental impact of your waste.





For companies that produce small amounts of plastic, such as plastic bottles and packaging, we supply a small container for the collection of mixed plastic, card, cans, and paper.

Larger operations that produce more plastic can make use of our single stream collections, where we place a suitably sized container on site specifically for plastic. We can collect the container on a scheduled day or on demand when you need it emptying, which reduces your transport costs.

The plastic waste collected is transported back to our waste transfer station, where it is manually and mechanically separated, ready for bulking and reprocessing. As well as taking pre-separated plastics, we also have the facility to sort mixed loads, from which we extract any recyclable plastic along with other materials for recycling.

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What We Accept

  • UPVC window and door frames
  • Pipes (yellow gas, blue water and drainage pipes)
  • UPVC down pipe and guttering
  • ABS pipe
  • Polycarbonate roof sheets
  • PET (fizzy drink, cordial and cooking oil bottles)
  • HDPE (milk, fruit juice, washing up liquid and fabric conditioner bottles)
  • PVC (still mineral water, toiletries and cordial bottles)

What We Can’t Accept

  • Plastic bags

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