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Scrap Metal

Our capacity to sort and separate metal for recycling means that our customers do not have to source specialist scrap metal merchants to deal solely with this element of their waste production.  




Most of the metal we receive into our waste transfer station arrives as part of mixed loads, and we have the technology to accept all forms of ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Tins and cans can be collected either separately or as part of a mixed recycling collection, which provides a simple and effective way to comply with UK waste regulations requiring businesses to separate recyclable material (paper, plastic, metal and glass) from other waste.

Our waste segregation technology enables us to recover materials for metal recycling using selector grabs and powerful overband magnets. The machinery is capable of extracting large pieces, such as wheel rims, radiators and piping, as well as smaller units, like nails, screws and washers. The different metals are then separated into ferrous and non-ferrous, before being bulked up for the next stage of the recycling process.

Working with our team of partners, we can offer you the best prices and the most cost effective container and transport options to maximise your returns.


What We Accept

  • Aluminium cans
  • Foil and aluminium bakeware
  • Steel cans and tins
  • Wire coat hangers
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Steel frames
  • Steel bars, rods and sheets
  • Wire and cable
  • Automotive parts
  • Old radiators

What We Can’t Accept

  • No batteries of any kind
  • Paint cans



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