Oakbank Waste Management Ltd is a family owned Waste Management company, established in 1983.

Based in Dumfries, Southwest Scotland and our core business is the supply of waste management services, the haulage of dry waste and the private and public sectors.



Oakbank offer a range of skips and container hire options, and have the capability and experience to complete any project.

From skip hire to wheelie bins and haulage, Oakbank Waste Management Ltd are well placed to advise you on the best services for your needs. Operating across Dumfries and Galloway and Cumbria, we are a fully licensed waste management facility.

Waste management services are at the core of our business, and we understand that you need to find the right option in the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way possible. Whether you’re an individual taking on a renovation project, or your business is looking for waste management solutions, get in touch today to find out which of our services best fits your needs.

Our waste collection service covers all businesses sizes, including shops, restaurants, offices and industrial.

Available in a range of colours and labelling to fit into your specific recycling regime.

We offer a range of skips and container hire options, and have the capability to complete any project.

Quality aggregates, whether its crushed stone, rubble aggregate or screened top soil.


Should you wish to discuss your requirements please contact us
on 01387 268160 or email info@oakbank.co.uk


With a fleet of over 100 bulk trailers and 50 articulated units, we can offer you competitive prices on bulk transport for journeys up and down the country.

We will supply the right low loader and a fully managed service for the job.

We have qualified and experienced drivers. Our expertise is second to none in this area. With operation of abnormal loads up to 80 tonnes.

All of our low loaders are available on a number of flexible terms, which includes hire on an hourly basis, contract or fixed price rate.

We also ensure all our drivers are fully competent in loading and unloading vehicles.

If you wish to load or offload your delivery on site, the traditional skip vehicle is perfectly designed to allow you to do this.

Skip vehicles are particularly useful for short or long term site location for the containment and disposal of varies waste streams.

The purpose of a curtainsider / flat bed vehicle is to combine the security and weather  resistance of a box van with the loading ease of a flat bed.

The curtainsider / flat bed vehicle comes available in various configurations; single or double deck, straight or step frame, and it is able to transport most stock, making it a very popular choice.

Tipper trailers are known in the transport industry as the construction workhorse.

Mainly used for, but not limited to, transporting loose material, such as sand, gravel, or dirt on a building site or quarry.


Our waste collection service is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including shops, restaurants, bars, offices and small industrial units.

Most types of light, dry waste can be collected and disposed of using the trade waste system. Waste is collected either via kerbside bags or in our containers, which range from 240 litres to 1100 litres.


Kerbside Bags are placed outside on the designated area and scheduled day of collection for our vehicle to collect. These are paid for in advance and we have a minimum order of 50 bags.


Wheelie Bins from 240 litres. Our bins come with lockable lids and castors to ensure longevity and durability. They are mounted on wheels and easy to move, can be located close to the source of waste production, can be used for both internal and external use.

Both kerbside bags and trade waste containers can be uplifted on a scheduled service tailored to suit your specific requirements.


Commercial and trade waste

Single or dry mixed recycling (DMR) (paper, cans, plastic, cardboard, packaging)




Confidential waste


Hazardous waste


Oakbank Waste Management offer a daily skip hire service covering Dumfries & Galloway and Cumbria for both commercial and domestic customers

You can put a skip anywhere on your own property, providing it does not block access or egress. If you are unable to place the skip on your own property, it may be possible to arrange a permit to place the skip on the highway. We are more than happy to arrange this for you.


> Most common size
> Ideal for driveways and gardens
> Approx 80 bag capacity

> Used for general building projects
> Ideal for soil or rubble
> Approx 100 bag capacity

> Used for bulky items
> Mixed light and heavy waste
> Approx 120 bag capacity

> Used for larger  items
> Ideal for kitchen installations, etc
> Approx 145 bag capacity


> Low-sided
> Ideal for heavier, inert types of waste, such as mixed construction, soil, rubble and hard-core
> Also suitable for bulky and light waste from factories and department stores
> Approx 220 bag capacity

> Low-sided
> Ideal for heavier, inert types of waste, such as mixed construction, soil, rubble and hard-core
> Also suitable for bulky and light waste from factories and department stores
> Approx 275 bag capacity

> Large container
> Suitable for bulky and light waste from factories and department stores
> Also suitable for light waste segregation such as paper, cardboard and plastics and green waste.
> Approx 330 bag capacity

> Our largest container
> Suitable for light builders waste, bulky waste, from construction, factories or domestic strip outs, department stores and clearances
> Ideal for big commercial clearances
> Approx 440 bag capacity


If you are looking for professional, reliable aggregate supplier, look no further than Oakbank Waste Management Ltd. We provide top quality aggregates, and a fast and reliable service at great rates.

Supplied loose or in bulk bags, the aggregates that we provide are affordable and ideal for any kind of project. Call us today to find out more about our aggregate services or to place an order.


Domestic or commercial customers are attracted to crushed stone because it:

> Is a low-cost material
> Is readily available
> Has excellent drainage ability
> Is a strong base material
> Is a recycled product

Crushed stone is an excellent landscaping addition for homeowners who can easily work with it to create landscaping projects.


Made by putting brick rubble from demolition work through our crusher and removing any wood, plastic or metal before grading it.

Rubble aggregate makes a great and inexpensive hardcore. It can even be used to surface farm roads and has been used for such jobs in the past.


We have blends of soil which are perfect for domestic and commercial. Been selected to provide great results and ideal for landscaping projects.

Our top soil is fully certified, and has been tested to meet strict British standards. Please be advised it may contain small stones and seedlings and it is not chemically treated.


We provide a wide range of recycling services for individuals and businesses, to find out more about the best recycling options for your needs, get in touch today:







Contact us today on 01387 268160 for a no obligation site visit


You may be aware of the legislative changes introduced by the Scottish Government that require a significant alteration to the way in which all commercial waste and recyclables are disposed of, from January 2014.

Scotland has made great improvements on waste in the last few years by increasing recycling rates and reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill.

Zero Waste Scotland’s mission is to achieve exactly that: a zero waste Scotland, where we make the most efficient use of resources by minimising Scotland’s demand on primary resources, and maximising the reuse, recycling and recovery of resources instead of treating them as waste.

> Target of 70% recycling and maximum 5% to landfill by 2021 for all certain type waste
> Landfill bans for specific waste types
> Source segregation and separate collection of specific waste types
> Restrictions on inputs to energy from waste facilities

What has changed?

> Key materials need to be separated for recycling
> Food waste must be separated by food businesses operating in non-rural areas

Why should I change?

> To comply with current and future legislation
> Diverting food waste from landfill reduces emissions and can generate energy
> You are paying to throw away valuable resources
> To avoid unnecessary costs and potential fines

What should I do?

> Speak to your waste contractor for advice on compliant services
> Consider joining forces with other businesses
> Get your staff ‘Regs Ready’

Who can help?

Oakbank Waste Management Ltd are here to help you comply with the Regulations.


TWO separate companies within the Oakbank Group. We offer a range of services from waste management to plant hire. To find out more please contact us.